CocoaNav runs on Mac OS X 10.5.2+

All Cocoa in one glimpse CocoaNav reads frameworks right from /System/Library/Frameworks and displays them with their objects and methods.

All your Cocoa too ! CocoaNav can display the Cocoa class tree : add your frameworks and projects and you'll see where your classes fit in.

Image:cocoanavtile1.pngFramework view View all frameworks and their classes neatly arranged inside them. Image:cocoanavtile4.pngCrumb View Which class does it derive from ? With the Crumb View, you'll see that instantly.

Select any ancestor to see their siblings, click the arrow next to them to see their children.

Image:cocoanavtile2.pngClass Tree View From all the frameworks, CocoaNav will build a tree showing the Cocoa heritage.

You can browse all the class tree this way.

Image:cocoanavtile5.pngIt's got bugs! And as it's open source, you can help fix them!
Image:cocoanavtile3.pngOne view to see them all Where is that method ? Search for it and CocoaNav will find it among all the Cocoa methods. Image:cocoanavtile6.pngHelp integration Read the help right inside CocoaNav. You can also open it in Safari.

20080625 - CocoaNav_JS, a light Javascript version of CocoaNav. CocoaNav is Leopard only, and I see Tiger users and Windows users checking the page out :) If you're one of them, this will give you a quick way to discover the Cocoa Class Tree, each class having a link to Apple Developer.